Thermo Fisher Scientific, Minneapolis, introduced the new Xpert S400 x-ray system, specifically engineered to detect metal, glass, dense plastics and other foreign Thermo Fisher Xpert x-rayobjects in vertically-oriented containers such as metal cans, plastic bottles, cartons and stand-up pouches.

The Xpert S400’s compact length enables placement into tight production spaces, while the x-ray source/detector height easily adjusts to match the customer’s conveyor passing through the inspection tunnel. Easy setup and use configuration software facilitates quick start up. Specific software algorithms developed for tall profile packages look for contaminants in problem areas such as package edges, bottom center and top. The unit also offers diagnostic functions for quick troubleshooting, customized rejection devices, sanitary design with welded/sloped/polished stainless surfaces and no-lead shielding curtains.

In addition to foreign object detection, the Xpert S400 can analyze an x-ray image to estimate fill level or determine whether a package is dented or has a missing closure. The unit is engineered for high-speed can, bottle, carton and pouch lines of up to 500 packages per minute.

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