Brand Neue Corp., Bentonville, Ark., said it will distribute and market Grande Gourmet frozen seafood items in the United States under terms of a deal withPacific Salmon Industries Inc. ("PSI"), Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

PSI is a seafood processor, marketer and seller, whose whole fish, and value-added seafood products can be found globally.

Officials say the distribution opportunity was referred to Brand Neue by one of the company's advisors and represents a strong revenue generating opportunity.

"We are an innovations and opportunities company," says Brand Neue CEO Adi Muljo. "Not every product that comes into the Brand Neue fold requires development. Some, like Grande Gourmet, are already highly prospective and more-or-less market ready, but need a turn-key retail and merchandising solution like ours to present their great product or opportunity to domestic and international buyers, and, cost-effectively streamline large-scale distribution logistics."

Brand Neue says Grande Gourmet frozen wild Canadian salmon burgers, and pre-marinated frozen salmon fillets were introduced recently in a Canadian box retail chain and both products have exceeded sales targets. Month-over-month sales have increased steadily since launch. Given current U.S. consumer trending toward domestic sourcing of natural or healthful ready-to-eat grocery items, the Company expects a ready U.S. market for both the frozen fillets and salmon burgers, and, anticipates lateral brand growth to include other PSI products.