One of the industry's largest supplier of frozen trays, APT, is now part ofSonoco Plastics, a new unit formed by Sonoco, Hartsville, S.C. Officials say Sonoco Plastics offers a diverse line utilizing blow molding, thermoforming, injection molding and extrusion technologies.

"Sonoco entered the plastics business more than 50 years ago. Throughout the years, we built a diverse plastics packaging portfolio with key acquisitions such as Crellin, Burk, ClearPack, and Matrix," said Bob Puechl, division vice president, Sonoco Plastics. "With the acquisition of APT in June, the time was right to establish a unified plastics brand to better leverage financial resources, identify additional efficiencies, and enhance our reputation. Beginning today, we are Sonoco Plastics and we're bringing the power of our people, technology, and history to deliver infinite packaging solutions."

Sonoco serves a wide range of plastics packaging markets, including bottles and containers for drink products, powdered beverages and coffee; trays for condiments, fresh produce, desserts and frozen foods; specialty products for the personal care, adhesives, sophisticated films, wire and communications; and many others.

Puechl said recent acquisition of APT also positions Sonoco Plastics as North America's largest manufacturer and supplier of dual-ovenable, thermoformed plastic trays to the frozen food industry.

"Depending on customer need, we can suggest an existing product or service, or we can customize a package specifically for your product," Puechl said. "And because we're not anchored to one material or technology, we're capable of producing various plastic packaging in a single plant, whether it's a bottle, a thin-wall container, a top or bottom, or a thermoformed tray."