Poultry processorPerdue Incorporatedsaid it will spend $12.8 million to remodel its Salisbury, Md., corporate headquarters. Officials said the two-year project "will include environmentally responsible design, feature open spaces to encourage collaboration, and provide the technological infrastructure to support a more productive work environment."

Perdue noted that it will pursue LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building certification for the renovation project with hopes of obtaining a Gold status.

“We have the opportunity as part of our remodel to look into new technologies and methodologies that can help us have a smaller environmental footprint, in addition to saving money," said Steve Schwalb, vice president of environmental sustainability. "The certification helps guide us through the renovation process. It isn't only about efficiency, but the whole package of responsible environmental design, including associate comfort."

Perdue said it will install a new HVAC system within the renovated space, which will reduce energy costs by 25 percent and create a more comfortable workspace. Officials noted that Perdue's parking lot also was recently repaved and spaces will be designated for high efficiency vehicles.

“The $12.8 million remodel represents the most cost-effective way to provide the office space needed to support our company's strategic and growth plans," added Eileen Burza, senior vice president and chief financial officer. "By implementing alternative workspace solutions for selected jobs, we were able to renovate the existing space to meet our needs and reduce our environmental impact, with significantly less capital investment than either expanding the existing structure or building new office space."