Stressed out because you’ve finished a long day at the office – and now you don’t want to put in more hours in the kitchen? You’re not alone. A study by the nonprofit Families and Work Institute, New York, N.Y., found that one in three U.S. employees is “chronically overworked” and that more than half feel overwhelmed at least once a month.

Cheese processor Sargento Foods Inc. has three new offerings that add quick creativity and flavor to any meal. And to introduce the latest new varieties to its Finishers line, the Plymouth, Wis.-based company partnered with Ruth Klein, author of The De-Stress Diva in the Kitchen and The De-Stress Diva’s Guide to Life.

“One simple step you can take to help combat everyday stress is to plan meals ahead of time to help give your mind a break from the other worries caused by hectic schedules,” says Klein. “After all, spending time in the kitchen to create personalized meals is an easy way to treat yourself to much needed de-stress time, while also rewarding yourself with a delicious dish.”Sargento Finishers are bagged refrigerated topping blends created for salads and potatoes. Sargento introduced the line last year and says “positive consumer feedback and increasing demand” led to three new varieties: Blue Cheese Salad Finishers, Classic Chef Salad Finishers and Southwest Potato Finishers.

“We want consumers to feel adventurous and imaginative in the kitchen,” says Troy Davis, Sargento senior marketing manager. “The introduction of our news Sargento Salad and Potato Finishers allow food enthusiasts to explore all the ways they can turn ordinary salads and potatoes into extraordinary meals with flavorful, restaurant-quality and chef-inspired ingredients.”

The Blue Cheese variety included crumbled blue cheese, candied almonds, cranberries and cherries. New Classic Chef includes smoked turkey and ham, a three-cheese blend, real bacon and croutons. The Southwest Potato offering has a southwest cheese sauce, Pepper Jack and Monterey Jack cheeses and tortilla strips. Sargento says both new offerings “complete” two to four salads or potatoes, depending on size.

The new varieties give Sargento seven Salad Finishers and four Potato finishers. Sargento packages the items in refrigerated bags that are merchandised in retail produce sections. Bags range in weight from 4.23 ounces to 7.44 ounces. The line is available nationwide and items carry a suggested retail of $2.99 to $3.99.