They say the "secret's in the sauce." With that in mind, High Liner Foods (USA), Inc., Danvers, Mass., has added two sauced shrimp products to its High Liner Sea Cuisine line of retail frozen prepared seafood entrées.

The two new entrees announced include White Wine & Herb Shrimp, featuring large shrimp in a white wine sauce with herbs and a hint of sherry; and Shrimp Scampi, with large shrimp in a flavorful butter and garlic scampi sauce. Officials say both offerings are ready in just minutes, thanks to a QUICKSTEAM microwave technology.

“We are very pleased to expand our Sea Cuisine line with two great tasting and easy to prepare shrimp entrees,” said Chris Trosin, vice president of sales and marketing, High Liner Foods (USA). “Shrimp is still the seafood of choice for Americans, but these dishes take the shrimp experience to another level. With Sea Cuisine, families can enjoy the sophisticated and exquisite flavors of a chef-inspired dining experience at home, avoiding the high costs of dining out.”

Trosin said High Liner developed Sea Cuisine in late 2008. The line now includes 14 encrusted and sauced entrées, including five tilapia, three salmon, two cod and four shrimp dishes.