Breyers Yogurt Co., North Lawrence, N.Y., says its new Breyers YoCrunch100 Calorie Pack line offers the first light yogurt with a natural sweetener. Whereas other low-cal yogurts use artificial sweeteners, this new YoCrunch 100 Calorie line is naturally sweetened with Truvia rebiana, a natural, zero calorie sweetener.

Breyers says it partnered with Cargill, makers of Truvia, to develop the line. Truvia rebiana is the key ingredient in Truvia natural sweetener, derived from the leaves of the stevia plant.

"This announcement marks a key tipping point for the Truvia brand as an ingredient, which has been primarily used in beverages and is now moving quickly into foods - just a year after it launched," says Breyers. "The introduction of YoCrunch 100 with Truvia ... is a testament to the consumer acceptance of Truvia in the market place and of the continued innovation of the Breyers Yogurt Company."

YoCrunch 100 Calorie Packs will be available nationwide at grocery, health food and specialty stores. Suggested retail is $2.99 to $3.19 for each four-pack container.

Varieties include Strawberry with Granola, Vanilla with Chocolate Cookie Pieces, Vanilla with Chocolate Chip Cookies, Cheesecake with Graham Cookie Pieces and Vanilla with Nestle Crunch candy pieces. YoCrunch 100 Calorie Packs also have added Vitamin A and D, and are a good source of calcium and protein for women and kids, the company says.