Sara Lee heats up its portfolio withBall Park flame-grilled patties.

Sara Lee Corp., the Downers Grove, Ill., maker ofBall Parkbrand hot dogs, heats up its portfolio withBall Parkflame-grilled patties.

These fully cooked patties, made with 100% beef, are flame grilled and then flash frozen, locking in that juicy, “just off the grill” taste that can be ready in about a minute.

“The new flame-grilled patties really deliver on quality and taste, and are also incredibly convenient, something consumers have come to rely on fromBall Park,” says Aaron Alt, general manager of theBall Parkbrand.

Available in the frozen aisle in grocery stores nationwide, they come in three varieties-Beef, Beef & Onion and Beef & Cheese.

They have a suggested retail price of $8.29.