Watch out entree processors. You've got more competition ... from the produce department! Garden Protein International, Vancouver, B.C. has introduced gardein trio, a new line of refrigerated single-serve meals for merchandising in the produce cooler.

Officials say these meat-free meals include a complete serving of protein, veggies and rice with a savory sauce. Varieties include a Thai trio, Sicilian trio and Burgundy trio.
“People are stretched in many directions and are constantly on the go-often finding it more difficult to make smart food choices,” says Yves Potvin, Garden Protein founder. “We have a solution. gardein trio is a great tasting and convenient meat-less meal for lunch or dinner and comes in a small lunch box style package so it fits easily in a purse or a briefcase. There is no excuse to skip a nutritious meal anymore.”

Potvin says all gardein trio meals provide a good source of protein and fiber. Each meal is free of animal and dairy ingredients and cholesterol. Trio meals are one serving size and ready in three minutes in the microwave and five minutes on the stove-top.

The product is available at select Kroger, Whole Foods Markets, Safeway, and Hannaford stores. Officials say trio also is coming soon at Harris Teeter stores nationwide. Suggested retail price is $3.99.