Advanced Freezers, The Netherlands, developed a range of spiral cooler/chillers for the bakery industry.Advanced Freezers

The Advanced Spiral Cooler creates an optimum environment within the cooling area (insulated enclosure) to ensure that the products are cooled to a consistently high standard. This includes the use of an air treatment or air conditioning unit, which maintains a constant level of cooling, irrespective of the weather conditions or temperature either outside the building or inside the production hall.

The Advanced Cooling Systems use gentle horizontal laminar airflow throughout the entire cooler for a perfect result, the company says. Plus, it offers mechanical filters in various formats and filter classifications. The air conditioning units can be installed in the production area, namely on top of the insulated spiral enclosure, or outdoors in which case stainless-steel units are available.

They are available in various belt lengths, as single or double-drum systems, and in any belt width as necessary.

Advanced Freezers
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