Pearson Packaging Systems, a Spokane, Wash.-based manufacturer of secondary packaging equipment, expanded its end-of-line solutions by acquiring Moen Industries, a Los Angeles-based producer and innovator of high-performance packaging equipment and corrugated packaging designs. Michael Senske, president and CEO of Pearson Packaging Systems, will lead the company under the Pearson Packaging Systems name. Pearson will retain Moen engineering, service and sales support in the Los Angeles area.

"Pearson's acquisition of Moen Industries will translate into significant benefits for our customers," says Senske. "Moen Industries' patented tray former technology adds a new dimension to our current product portfolio, enabling us to offer the most complete range of integrated secondary packaging equipment available under one roof in the industry today. This provides buyers with the highest equipment effectiveness and the lowest total cost of ownership from streamlined products, service, parts and support."

"At Moen Industries, we have worked for over 60 years to continually expand our product line and exceed our customers' expectations, and our acquisition by Pearson Packaging Systems will make that mission an even greater reality," says Carl Moen, president of Moen Industries. "We selected Pearson Packaging Systems as a partner because we believe they will give our customers access to even more innovative and creative solutions into the future."

Pearson Packaging Systems will relocate Moen manufacturing to its state-of-the-art Spokane facility. It plans to build upon Moen's tray former product line, expanding the number of options available to customers.