Ian’s, Framingham, Mass., added a Supreme French Bread Pizza variety to its lineup of all-natural, allergy-friendly products.Ians French bread pizza

Each pizza recipe features a light and crispy French bread, topped with Ian’s homemade tomato sauce and a dairy-free, soy-free mozzarella cheese alternative.

“Ian’s was a pioneer in launching all-natural, allergy-friendly French Bread Pizza five years ago. Our pizza recipes demonstrate just how delicious allergy-friendly foods can be for the entire family,” says Jayne Minigell, director of marketing. “We’re excited to offer three popular pizza flavors that are not only free of many common allergens, but are [also] great-tasting for anyone to enjoy. At Ian’s, we are as dedicated as ever to delivering allergy-friendly food options across all dayparts for anyone with food intolerances/sensitivities.”

Ian’s French Bread Pizza are sold frozen in 9-ounce boxes containing two pizzas each for a suggested retail price of $6.99.