Alliance for Innovation & Operational Excellence (AIOE), Reston, Va., formed the Total Cost of Ownership Solution Group (TCOSG) and Engineering Solution Group (ESG). Membership consists of representatives from packaging machinery and end user organizations.

TCOSG works on standardizing TCO metrics, while ESG develops guidelines for sanitary equipment design for low-moisture foods and a process to encourage adoption by the industry.

“By including engineering, quality, sanitation, operations and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) early in project sanitary design discussions, the collaboration will result in not only improved equipment design, but also a common understanding of the benefits of investing in sanitary design,” says AIOE participant Randy Porter, vice president of quality and product safety, Post Foods, Battle Creek, Mich.

AIOE was formed in 2011 by PMMI, Reston, Va., to bring OEMS and end users of packaging machinery together to focus on issues of mutual interest such as workforce development, product safety, sustainability and operational reliability.