JDA Software Group, Scottsdale, Ariz., released JDA eight, the company’s first major product launch since its merger with RedPrairie.

JDA eight brings together more than 30 different products on a single platform, unifying supply chain planning, optimization and business analytics for deployment in the cloud. JDA eight offers a comprehensive framework to address challenges impacting key business processes across the extended supply chain, including forecasting and planning, procurement planning, promotion, transportation management, production planning and scheduling, network and inventory optimization and supplier collaboration.

Delivered in the cloud, JDA eight empowers customers to:

• Make procurement, production, inventory and logistics decisions better and faster through seamless planning, optimization and analytics. This decision-making capability is enabled by sophisticated optimization algorithms and in-line analytics that better prepare customers to respond to market dynamics in real time.
• Increase productivity and effectiveness through the use of task-based, cross-functional workflows, configurable by role. The intuitive user interface offers a consistent look and feel, reducing training time and alleviating operational silos.
• Realize rapid scenario planning and what-if analysis through a dynamic interface that delivers precise, actionable information and analytics to the user in real time.

Powered by highly efficient in-memory processing, JDA eight improves user productivity with the flexibility and scalability needed to drive competitive advantage.

JDA Software Group, Inc.