The Greenbrier Cos., Inc., Lake Oswego, Ore., introduced Multi-Max, an automotive railcar that significantly advances the options for transporting autos by rail. Multi-Greenbrier Multi-MaxMax features a patented adjustable deck to allow railroads to shift between bi- and tri-level service using techniques that were previously unavailable, therefore operators do not need to segregate Multi-Max or manage it separately from other railcars.

Multi-Max  allows for complete deck adjustments in as little as five hours, without removing the deck during reconfiguration. With Greenbrier's proprietary sealed end-door, Multi-Max limits theft and vandalism, offering superior cargo security for unmatched vehicle safety and protection over long-distance hauls. Multi-Max also keeps new automobiles looking new with enhanced door edges that provide smooth cargo loading, reducing the risk of damage in transit.

The Greenbrier Cos., Inc.