Smart Fog, Reno, Nev., developed new technology that provides food safety disinfection.Smart Fog food safety tech

The Smart Fog Disinfection System offers a non-wetting, uniform distribution method for disinfecting and microbiological control through a fogging solution. Using a water-based soluble material, it comes in a variety of forms, including mobile, conveyer or whole room units.

This energy-efficient system is easy to install, low maintenance and user friendly, and uses low-pressure compressed air to provide the disinfectant.

Key features of the Smart Fog food safety disinfection technology include:

  • Distributes a dry mist of atomized material of the user’s choice.
  • Contains a uniform 4.2 micron droplet that will fill every corner or space, penetrating everywhere. It even makes its way to the hard-to-reach areas.
  • Is fully automated and hands free. It also provides humidity control, and does not have any pooling or wet spots.
  • Eliminates dust and bacteria growth.

The Smart Fog food safety disinfection technology system is ideal for food process plants, post-harvest wash and treatment and more.

Smart Fog Inc.