In 2005, Redwood Hill Farm, Sebastopol, Calif., became the first goat dairy in the United States to be Certified Humane Raised & Handled. As the business grew, Redwood Hill Farm productsadditional farms were needed to help supply the Grade A goat milk used in the company’s goat yogurt, kefir and artisan cheeses. That’s why Redwood Hill sought out dairies that adhered to their operating standards, and conducted regular inspections of their contributing dairies to ensure humane animal treatment.

In 2012, Redwood Hill Farm took their commitment to the goats one step further, helping each of these dairies achieve independent certification from the Humane Farm Animal Care Program.

"We are proud to announce that the family of farms that supply milk dairy for our Redwood Hill Farm products are now also Certified Humane Raised & Handled, which is considered the ‘gold standard’ in third-party certification for humane animal treatment,” says Jennifer Bice, owner. “Being good stewards of the land and the animals is something my parents instilled in me when they first founded Redwood Hill Farm 45 years ago, and I am honored to continue their legacy of guaranteeing the health, happiness and ethical treatment of all of our dairy animals.”

Redwood Hill Farm updated the packaging of their goat milk yogurt, kefir, French-style cheeses, Fresh Chevre and raw milk feta to prominently feature the Certified Humane logo. Certified Humane Raised & Handled standards include that the animals are fed a nutritious diet without antibiotics or hormones; raised with shelter, resting areas and sufficient space; and provided an environment that allows them the ability to engage in natural behaviors—conditions that Redwood Hill Farm and its contributing dairies have met independently for years.

To further enhance this mission, Redwood Hill Farm made a series of enhancements, such as improving fencing and kid-raising facilities; updating animal care maintenance records; posting emergency contact information; and conducting dry run inspections to successfully prepare for annual Humane Farm Animal Care audits.