Crown Equipment Corp., New Bremen, Ohio, introduced the Crown SP 4000 Series, a 36-volt, battery-powered stockpicker capable of handling capacities up toCrown Equipment stockpiler 3,000 pounds and reaching a lift height of 366 inches.

The Crown SP 4000 features a regenerative lowering system that captures lost energy and returns it to the battery. The forklift has an AC traction system that offers responsive control and smooth directional changes, as well as an AC lift system with a variable lift/lower feature for precise operation. The Crown SP 4000 features a maximum travel speed of 7.5 miles per hour, a lift speed of 100 feet per minute and a lower speed of 80 feet per minute.

The SP 4000 Series exhibits an operator-centric design that features what is said to be the industry’s largest platform window—50% larger than other stockpickers—and provides operators the visibility they need to safely and effectively maneuver up and down the warehouse aisle. The forklift has a rigid mast design and offers the most usable floor space of any stockpicker, which improves operator confidence and productivity.

Crown Equipment Corp.