Ross Industries, Midland, Va., introduced the next generation of its Boundary Layer Control (BLC) Impingement Tunnel.Ross Industries chiller

The Ross BLC features a newly designed, modular construction that improves the hygiene and sanitation requirements of all types of chilled and frozen products, including ready-to-eat items.

The BLC features new NSF-approved cam-lock panels that are constructed of urethane foam wrapped in stainless steel. Mating panel edges are closed tight with hygienic, compressed gaskets and cam-lock latches, preventing water ingress and providing the highest level of cleanability, sanitation and food safety.

The cam-lock panel design also offers fast disassembly and reassembly for service or relocation of the unit. All mating panels are marked as a matched connection point. The cam-locks are easily engaged using just a wrench, and all cam-lock wrench openings are sealed with stainless-steel plugs, plastic caps or stainless-batten strips with closed-cell hygienic gaskets.

The Ross BLC features two improved coil efficiencies—a high-efficiency fin coil evaporator with small-diameter aluminum tubes to extend the time period before the coil ices up and then needs to be defrosted and small end-box dehumidification coils to prevent moist air from entering the BLC.

The Ross BLC rapidly chills or freezes fresh products, such as meat sub-primals, freeze flat products (with minimum weight loss) and produce free-flowing individually-quick frozen items such as nuggets, meatballs, fruits and vegetables.

Ross Industries, Inc.