Leprino Foods Co., Denver, Colo., announced plans to close its Ravenna, Neb., string cheese processing facility in early November. This decision is due to the technological advances of other facilities, the changing milk supply situation in the region and Leprino Foods’ continuing commitment to meet its customers’ requirements now and in the future.

“We are working closely with our employees and their community during this transition,” says Robert Schwartz, senior vice president of human resources. “Leprino Foods is offering employees at the Ravenna plant severance pay, healthcare benefit continuation assistance, potential opportunities at other Leprino locations with relocation assistance and a retention bonus program to those employees who stay with us through the plant closing date. Further, employees will be able to meet with state employment officials as well as career development professionals during the time leading up to the closing date to maximize opportunities for a smooth transition.”

“Leprino Foods is committed to producing the best dairy foods and ingredients in the world. We are confident that we will continue to meet our customers’ needs with the plant upgrades and expansions we have put in place and the milk supply supporting our facilities. We will be utilizing the technological advances and capacity increases at other Leprino Foods facilities, specifically at Ft. Morgan [Colo.],” says Mike Reidy, senior vice president, corporate affairs. “Production and supply to our customers will be the top priority. Our customers will continue to seamlessly receive their orders without interruption from our Ft. Morgan, Colo.; Tracy, Calif.; and Remus, Mich., facilities.”