BT9, an Israel-based end-to-end cold chain management (CCM) solutions provider, expanded its U.S. presence with the opening of a new office in Los Angeles, Calif. BT9 helps companies minimize or eliminate risks in the cold supply chain by providing full transparency and control over their perishables, anywhere in the world, at any given time.

“Since launching Xsense nearly a year ago, we’ve been making important inroads into the North American market,” says Israel Ben-Tzur, chief executive officer and the head of U.S. operations. “North American companies operate the most sophisticated and complex cold chain systems in the world, but they could eliminate a number of risks with our technology by improving their information management and decision making processes.”

The automated analytics generated by the BT9 Xsense system provides customers the tools they need to identify chronic cold chain problems. The solution offers guidance on possible corrective actions to reduce waste, improve quality, overall performance and profitability and deliver food and in optimal condition.

Existing North American customers already leveraging BT9’s cold chain monitoring solutions include General Mills, Southern Specialties, Coastline, Church Brothers, Gourmet Logistics and Trading, Alpine Fresh and others.