Blue Monkey Coconut Collection, Burlingame, Calif., introduced a new mango juice to its lineup of beverages.

Blue Monkey mango juice

Blue Monkey’s Mango Juice is 100% pure, not-from-concentrate, certified kosher and all-natural and doesn’t contain added sulphites, preservatives or sugar. Mangos are rich in antioxidants found to protect against cancer and contain high levels of fiber, pectin and vitamins A and C. Mangos also provide a good source of calcium and iron. Plus, none of the calories found in mangos come from fat, making the juice an easily digestible, energy-filled drink.

“We are proud of the quality and nutritious products we have brought to consumers through our coconut-inspired lineup, but felt it was time to use our beverage expertise on another nutritional powerhouse as well,” says Simon Ginsberg, founder. “Coconut meat is labeled as the ‘king of foods,’ and mangos are known as the ‘king of fruit;’ pure mango juice was a natural extension to our tropical lineup.”

Blue Monkey’s Mango Juice will be available in the refrigerated cooler section of select natural and mainstream retailers nationwide throughout the United States and Canada in recyclable, BPA-free cans for a suggested retail price of $1.99-2.19.