Herkules Equipment Corp., Walled Lake, Mich., expanded its EnKon Systems brand of lift systems to include a narrow profile Cart Scissor Lift for improving manufacturing plant safety when positioning materials. The lift’s platform design includes guides that direct the cart onto the lift for proper and efficient loading. The integrated cart switch prevents the lift from operating unless the cart is properly in place. Herkules Equipment

Model #LSA20 was used as a base module for customizing this Cart Lift System to the exact specifications needed for interfacing with the customer’s existing cart. Even though the LSA20 is only 20 inches wide, this cart lift was customized to 26.4-inches wide for the cart contact points. Two LSA20 modules were stacked in order to reach the specified raised height of 58 inches. The lift’s closed height is 9.5 inches, and the capacity is 2000 pounds.

Plus, this lift is equipped with captured rollers to prevent the lift from tipping, steel safety stop bolts and a pressure relief valve to prevent over-inflation of the air bags.

Herkules Equipment Corp.