Detectamet Ltd., United Kingdom, launched a detectable plastic product for the food industry. The new Detectable Pallet Wrap offers a less risky means of final packaging for pallet handling in food warehouse storage and shipping. A wrapped pallet is less likely to be attacked by insects or damaged by water, and is more likely to arrive as clean as when it was dispatched. Detectamet

A film-wrapped pallet is more likely to be stable, especially when there are a variety of sizes of packs and boxes, and there is less likelihood of pilfering and any deliberate damage would be easier to identify. The new Detectable Pallet Wrap has been tested and found to offer good levels of detectability in metal detectors. In trials by experienced wrap users, the film was described as offering a more resilient strength that was less likely to tear.

This would mean that less length of wrap was needed because of fewer overwraps to finish the job. It comes in two sizes of rolls—the hand wrapper size of 400 mm wide by 200 meters long and for wrapping machines, the roll is 500 mm by 800 meters.

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