The success of the TruMoo brand of flavored milk has prompted the Dean Foods Co., Dallas, Texas, to start transitioning many of its regional brands to common Deans new pkg labelgraphics in an effort to create a uniform presence throughout the country.

“We are leveraging some of the learnings from the success of TruMoo to apply to our portfolio of regional white milk brands,” says Gregg Tanner, chief executive officer. “For example, we are transitioning these brands to a common graphics look that includes our purity checklist that assures our consumers that our farmers pledge not to use artificial growth hormones and that we test all of our milk for the presence of antibiotics among other important differentiators. "

“Through robust research, we know that this messaging resonates with consumers, and the conversion of our graphics to a new common look allows us to begin to benefit from our brand equities across our portfolio,” Tanner adds. “At the same time, it opens avenues for us to leverage marketing spend across traditional regional brand borders.”

Dean Foods also remains on track to close 10-15% of its plants in an effort to reduce costs.

“We have announced eight plant closures over the past 12 months, seven of which have been completed,” Tanner adds. “The closures will improve the efficiency of our remaining network and drive increased competitiveness going forward.”