Finally a meat made of 100% plant protein that even the most macho of men will have no beef with. Beyond Meat crumbles

Beyond Meat, Los Angeles, introduced Beef-Free Crumbles, which boast as much protein as ground beef but with half the fat. Offered in Beefy and Feisty flavors, the soy- and gluten-free Crumbles are available in the frozen section of Whole Foods Market stores nationwide.

“Along with our successful launch of Chicken-Free Strips, the Beef-Free Crumbles line embodies the company’s commitment to crafting tasty plant proteins that replicate the sensory experience of meat,” says Ethan Brown, founder and CEO. “Our mission is to truly redefine the way people think about meat. Not as food sourced from an animal, but rather as that well-known sensory experience—the chew, mouthfeel and nutritional delivery of protein.”

Beef-Free Crumbles come in 11-ounce packages for a suggested retail price of $5.49.