Roche Bros., a family-owned chain of full-service supermarkets headquartered in Wellesley Hills, Mass., expanded its meat department offerings with new chicken,Roche Bros meat pork and beef options.

The Roche Bros. store-branded No Added Antibiotics, 100% Natural Chicken is raised without antibiotics, hormones or steroids and has no artificial ingredients or chemical preservatives. The chicken is American Humane Certified, a voluntary third-party animal welfare audit program that sets the standards for how food animals are raised.

The all-natural pork products from Niman Ranch hogs are fed a 100% vegetarian diet and never receive hormones or antibiotics. Hogs are raised outdoors or in deeply bedded pens where they have freedom to express natural behaviors like rooting and roaming. 

Lastly, the all-natural Angus beef derives from a type of cattle known for having well-marbled meats with superior taste and tenderness. The beef is raised in the pristine surroundings of a 52-mile ranch at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains of Montana. Free of antibiotics and hormones, the Angus is never fed animal byproducts and is certified humane raised and treated.

 "We're able to continue growing because our associates work hard to build customer relationships and find out what shoppers want to see on our shelves," says Frank Vitale, meat director. "We are always striving to provide a wider product mix, so that our customers can count on having options and choices when they shop our stores."