Chicago-based INland Logistics Port at Kingsbury announced plans to build a refrigerated warehouse that would hold fresh produce and other perishable food brought in and out of the intermodal facility by trains running to and from Kingsbury, Ind., and Tampa, Fla.

Several news sources say the 600-acre intermodal facility became official Dec. 31, 2013 when a development agreement was signed protecting the $6 million investment from LaPorte County.

The agreement includes CSX, the Jacksonville, Fla.-based railroad provider that would carry the perishable food to and from the site, and Green Express, an energy-efficient rail company that would be in charge of loading train cars with farm products to and from Kingsbury and the port at Tampa. Green Express would also operate the refrigerated warehouse that would store the food until picked up by semi-trucks for delivery to markets elsewhere in Indiana and other states. C

SX has already completed a 2-mile rail extension to the site for rail cars to bring in perishable food and other products like steel, machinery and grain to and from markets as far south as Mexico and South America. Product would also be brought in by truck for shipping back to Florida.