To meet consumer demand in the growing turkey burger category, Cargill’s Honeysuckle White and Shady Brook Farms brands now include six varieties of premium Cargill IQF turkey burger inbodyfrozen turkey burgers.

“We’re delighted our new premium turkey burgers provide consumers with a superior eating experience while addressing their desire for flavorful, nutritious, reduced fat, lower calorie protein as part of their family’s diet,” says Mary Richardson, marketing manager for the Kansas City, Mo.-based company. “We did our homework, listened to consumers and are meeting their desire for a line of premium, frozen turkey burgers available nationwide. In particular, we found that millennial moms, age 25-54, want high-quality protein for their families, and they are looking more closely at ingredients, nutritional value, convenience and affordability. Consumer tasting panels overwhelming favored our new turkey burgers for their flavor, juiciness, texture and overall desirability when compared to similar existing products.”

Available nationwide, the new line includes Seasoned, Ready-to-Season and Seasoned White Meat, Swiss/Bacon/Onion, Cheddar/Jalapeno and Swiss/Mushroom. They are sold in 2-pound boxes containing eight quarter-pound individually quick frozen patties.