With the ability to load single or twin-pack packages at speeds up to 100 cartons per minute, Triangle Package Machinery’s Flex1 horizontal cartoner offers gentle Triangle Flex cartonerproduct handling, improved efficiency and lower production costs.

The Flex1 provides several benefits over traditional horizontal cartoners, including:

• Compact footprint

• Ability to run various carton sizes with quick, tool-less changeovers (less than 15 minutes to full production)

• Elimination of the barrel-loader assembly for reduced complexity, lower maintenance and reduced product breakage

• Allen Bradley ControlLogix, AB Kinetics servo drives and AB PowerFlex AC drives

Ideal for individually quick frozen products and baking and soup mixes, the Flex1 features servo drives for intermittent motion control and eliminates the need to synchronize bagger and cartoner. And, the cartoner can be seamlessly integrated with a Triangle X-Series VFFS Bagger and direct-mounted Triangle InLine Weigher.

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