Crown Equipment Corp., New Bremen, Ohio, expanded the capacity range of its Crown SX 3000 Series stacker with the new Crown SX 3000-40 walkie straddle Crown SX3000 walkie straddlerstacker, which boasts a maximum load capacity of 4,000 pounds and a maximum lift height of 192 inches.

The Crown SX 3000-40 allows operators to easily maneuver in small spaces, such as those commonly found in grocery and retail facilities, and stack single pallet loads three levels or higher to save space and improve product selectivity. The stacker includes Crown’s exclusive X10 handle, and the brake override function allows travel with the handle in a near vertical position, so the truck can turn in an area almost as small as its own footprint.

Unlike typical counterbalanced trucks that require 11- to 13-foot aisles to operate, the Crown SX 3000-40 allows managers to use 6- to 7-foot aisles, so they can stack more product in the same size room. With the pallets stacked vertically on an organized rack system, operators can quickly locate and select the desired product without having to move numerous loads. The stacker’s low-profile power unit and clear mast design improve operator visibility while working with elevated loads or moving products throughout the facility.

The Crown SX 3000-40 comes standard with a maintenance-free battery pack and a 30-amp, 120-volt onboard charger.

Crown Equipment Corp.