Dynamic Conveyor, Muskegon, Mich., now offers the DynaClean transfer conveyor, designed for short transfers of food products in or out of food processing DynaClean transfer conveyorsequipment. This conveyor features a reduced conveyor profile, which allows it to get into tight spaces and close to equipment or machinery. Plus, it is designed to move product horizontally or at a slight angle on plastic link-style belting. 

Manufactured using HDPE, UHMW and minimal 304 stainless-steel allows DynaClean food grade conveyor systems to be corrosion resistant, non-toxic, non-absorbent, temperature-resistant and blue in color. 

The conveyor design also allows for quick and easy cleaning and sanitation. Without the need for tools, the conveyor belt can be removed in a matter of seconds giving complete exposure to the inside of the system, which includes stand-offs and one-dimensional leg supports to eliminate hidden buildup of bacteria.   

The food grade conveyor operates with either variable or single-speed sealed motors that are hygienic, high-pressure washdown, energy-efficient and maintenance-free.

Dynamic Conveyor