FB Chain, London, developed a new range of corrosion-resistant chains specifically for the food and beverage industries. These lube-free plastic combination FB plastic combination chainchains meet strict EU food processing standards.

Constructed from food-grade engineering plastic inner links, supported by 304 grade stainless-steel bearing pins and outer link plates, the PC chain matches the strength of standard stainless-steel chains, but offer a much lower friction co-efficient, thus eliminating the need for lubrication and increasing wear life. The PC chain is also much quieter and about 50% lighter, helping manufacturers meet energy efficiency and environmental targets, while enjoying a significantly lower total cost of ownership.

Furthermore, the bushed design of the plastic inner link ensures that in washdown applications, there is no risk of food residue becoming trapped between the chain components.

The PC chain is available from stock in food-grade blue. The chain is dimensionally interchangeable with stainless-steel chain, meaning no adjustments to sprockets or other existing conveyor components are required.

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