Here’s some chocolate malt that is too thick for a straw. Blue Bell Malt Shoppe ice cream

Blue Bell Creameries, Brenham, Texas, put its own spin on an old-fashioned treat with new Malt Shoppe Ice Cream, a tasty chocolate malt ice cream loaded with milk chocolate-covered malted milk balls.

“There was a time when the whole family hopped in the car and went out for burgers, fries and malts,” says Paul Kruse, president and CEO. “And, that was a big treat for everyone. You can still find a few old-fashioned malt shops or soda fountains, but they are not as common today. We created our Malt Shoppe Ice Cream to capture the unique flavor of a malted milkshake. For an extra kick, we’ve mixed in crunchy, chocolate-coated malted milk balls.”

Malt Shoppe Ice Cream is available in pint and half-gallon sizes.