Qimarox extended its Securyfence safety fencing system with a new line of hinged and sliding doors. Qimorex Securyfencing

 Available with a width of 730 and 990 mm, these safety fencing solutions can replace a mesh panel with a door in a matter of minutes, and are ideal as a machine guard, machine safety fencing or area guard.

The new doors can also be used as both hinged and sliding doors. Operators just use a different mounting kit to change a revolving door into a sliding door (and vice versa) instead of having to buy a whole new door. The mesh panels are fixed to the vertical posts with horizontal pipes, which can be threaded through the mesh of the mesh panels. The ends of the tubes are then fitted to the posts using bolts.

Other features include:

·         Different type of handle for easier open and close.

·         Special emergency button to exit the shielded enclosure quickly in urgent situations when the door is locked.

·         Extended with a reinforced post for even stronger machine guard structures.

·         The mesh panels provide extra stiffness and greater safety.

·         Strong, flexible and quick to customize. Installers just need to cut and/or saw the mesh panels and tubes to size.

·         Fully complies with the 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive.