Blount Fine Foods, Fall River, Mass., released new Blount brand 10-ounce, grab-and-go Beef Chili with Beans. Blount beef chili

This classic chili made of ground beef, red and green bell peppers and kidney beans simmered in a rich, chunky tomato sauce with traditional spices is packaged with grab-and-go convenience and can be heated up in less than three minutes. 

“Blount Beef Chili with Beans is an excellent addition to a retail line that is already enjoying early success,” says Bob Sewall, executive vice president of sales and marketing. “Blount Beef Chili with Beans gives consumers another great option, which generates more buzz about the Blount brand as a whole.”

The entire line is shipped and sold fresh in cases of eight 10-ounce cups and available for retail throughout New England.