PakSense, Inc., Anaheim, Calif., introduced AutoSense, a tool designed to automatically deliver cold chain temperature data to smartphones, increasing efficiencies PakSense AutoSense displayat perishable receiving locations and streamlining processes.

The system, typically installed in distribution centers or retail locations, is self-contained, utilizes cellular networks and does not require IT departments to oversee installation or ongoing maintenance.

AutoSense components include PakSense Wireless Labels and AutoSense Readers. Labels are placed on perishable loads to monitor temperatures. When product is received, the labels are auto-detected by the AutoSense Reader and cold chain data is automatically forwarded to pre-defined users via email or text. Data delivered to the smartphone includes supplier name, product description, temperature alert condition, receiving location, high/low/average temperature and a temperature graph. Data can also be forwarded to a central repository for ongoing carrier, supplier and route analysis as part of an overall business intelligence strategy.