SuperCool Group, Australia, partnered with Griffith University, Australia, to develop SuperSense Smart Solutions, a range of products designed to improve standards and practices for the transport and storage of refrigerated and frozen foods.

  • SuperSense helps reduce food waste.
  • SMARTprobe eliminates the need to insert sensors/thermometers into chilled or frozen goods.
  • SMARTware calculates the temperature of refrigerated goods with no hardware required.

SMARTprobe is a product temperature monitoring device that can be wall-mounted or inserted into the load and has a unique breakaway plug and connection system. This eliminates the need to insert sensors and thermometers into chilled or frozen goods for the purpose of measuring core temperature information. Requiring no battery, no Wi-Fi and no Bluetooth, SMARTprobe is a quick plug-in hardware device suitable for connection to most temperature monitoring systems without the need for additional software, and can be calibrated to suit a wide range of food products.
SMARTware is a software tool for auditors, food designers and food packagers to plan and predict the impact of temperature fluctuations and abuse on products in the cold chain. SMARTware calculates the temperature of food products in various environmental and refrigerated conditions based on information from the ingredients shown on the manufacturers' data sheets or the food product packaging.
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