T&D Corp., Orlando, Fla., released its series of data loggers featuring upgraded high-precision temperature and humidity sensors.

The T&D "S” type model data loggers come with one of the SHA-3151 or SHB-3101 sensors, and are capable of temperature measurements from -25°C to 70°C, with a +/- 1/2 of a degree accuracy range, and humidity measurements from 0-99%, with a +/- 2.5% accuracy range. They also feature 1- and 2-point adjustment functions to eliminate the need to apply a manual adjustment factor when calibrating data.

Select data logger models with the new sensors incorporate Wi-Fi connectivity for automatic uploading of data to T&D’s exclusive free cloud service, allowing access from any internet-enabled device. The lineup also includes LAN-based loggers that allow access to data via the T&D cloud, PC or by direct communication with mobile devices.

T&D Corp.