Lascom Solutions, San Diego, Calif., made available its CPG solution update, designed to help U.S. food processors comply with the new INCO (Information to Lascom Solutions CPG solutionConsumers) labeling regulations mandated by the EU in directive 1169/2011. INCO requires all food labels to include 12 mandatory information statements and specific formatting, including name, ingredients, nutrition facts, allergens, country of origin and additional information such as "packaged in a protective atmosphere," "with sweeteners" and “contains genetically modified organisms.” The regulation also mandates display characteristics such as minimum font sizes and the use of bold text.

This CPG module includes the following features:

·         A single repository to safely store product formulations, data and documents and enable quick response in the case of a sanitary alert.

·         Formulation tool to easily update or create formulas and automate nutritional value calculation, required ingredient list editing, label creation and other technical document updates.

·         Supplier portal to transfer product specifications input and responsibilities regarding raw materials.

·         Complaint management tool to better handle suppliers’ non-compliance and customer complaints.

·         Task manager module to define and organize project tasks and alerts.

·         Dashboard module to create reports and analyze ongoing activity.


Lascom Solutions, Inc.