Coolhaus, Los Angeles, launched new ice cream flavors, available now in Culver City and Pasadena, Calif., stores and New York and Texas food trucks. Coolhaus salted caramel ice cream

New flavors include:

·         Grapefruit, Tarragon and Gin, a cocktail-inspired flavor made with fresh organic grapefruit, tarragon and Adirondack gin from upstate New York.

·         Mocha Marcona Almond, a play on mocha almond fudge, features coffee ice cream with a salty fudge swirl and marcona almonds.

·         Avocado made with organic avocados and sea salt.

·         Dad's Secret Stash, a scotch-spiced ice cream with M&Ms, marshmallow and smoked salt.

·         Pear Vanilla made with fresh organic sweet pears infused with tahitian vanilla bean.

·         Fruity Pebble “Sammies” Cookies are like Rice Krispie treats with Fruity Pebbles.

·         Pumpkin Cookies with cream cheese frosting and candy corn.

"We've noticed people aren't afraid to indulge when it comes to hot chocolate," says Natasha Case, co-founder and CEO. "Our hot chocolate is already decadent and rich, but people still add a scoop of ice cream at the shop, making it similar to an affogato."