Lineage Logistics, a Colton, Calif.-based warehousing and logistics company sponsored by Bay Grove Capital LLC, San Francisco,acquired Columbia Colstor, a third-party warehousing and logistics company headquartered in Moses Lake, Wash.

With the acquisition, Lineage Logistics doubles its leading presence in the Pacific Northwest to 11 locations, thus increasing storage capacity and value-added services.  

Founded in 1983 by president Don McGraw, Columbia Colstor encompasses over 52 million cubic feet of temperature-controlled storage capacity, serving customers who are focused on the processing of potatoes, fruits and other vegetables grown in the Columbia Basin as well as seafood customers near the western Washington and Oregon border.

“By joining Lineage, we can access a national network of facilities and offer additional logistics solutions that will allow our business and customers alike to continue to thrive,” says McGraw. “We see great alignment between Lineage’s dedication to providing world-class customer service and our own, and I am excited about our future as a part of Lineage.”

McGraw will remain active in the combined company as an investor and advisor.

“Don and his team have demonstrated exceptional leadership, reliability and focus on service since Columbia’s founding, which has resulted in strong, long-standing relationships with its customers,” says Bill Hendricksen, chief executive officer of Lineage Logistics. “We look forward to honoring and growing those relationships for many years to come.”

“The acquisition of Columbia—combined with the imminent Tacoma, Wash., facility expansion—positions Lineage as the leading cold storage provider in the Pacific Northwest with the best scale, services and team,” adds Kevin Marchetti, managing directorof Bay Grove Capital.