Videojet Technologies, Wooddale, Ill., launched its remote service offering for its Ethernet-enabled 1000 line of continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers. Videojet Remote Service

Remote Service offers remote access functionality with a few clicks of a mouse, allowing designated plant personnel to directly interact, troubleshoot and make setting changes to the printer from virtually anywhere via PC. This intelligent printer monitoring and remote access system proactively addresses service calls commonly attributed to nuisance faults such as inaccurate configuration settings or gaps in operator knowledge, and resolves in minutes vs. the time required for an on-site service visit.

Moreover, Remote Service technology tracks printer activity and needs, generates data analysis dashboards and transmits automated email notifications regarding system changes, faults or requirements directly to designated plant personnel.

Engineered to speed production line recovery, Remote Service allows customers to quickly elevate service issues to the right level within their teams. Alerts for simple tasks such as fluids replacement can now be automatically routed to production line personnel via email alerts. Once integrated into the customer’s network, Remote Service drives communication between the printer and the assigned network server or the optional cloud storage service.

Videojet Remote Service is accessible via web browser and is implemented in the customer’s plant through an Ethernet cable or wireless adaptor.

Videojet Technologies, Inc.