UK-based logistics specialist Buffaload reported “significant savings” following a 5-year review and assessment of the Verilocation’s CANbus, temperature monitoring and tracking systems deployed in the company’s vehicle and double-deck trailer fleet.

Driver training program based on the information supplied from each CANbus system have enabled Buffaload to identify individual driver characteristics and curb bad habits such as harsh braking and over-torqueing. In turn, the net effect of tractor and driver monitoring across the fleet, coupled with an ongoing driver-bonus scheme, has enabled Buffaload to cut fuel bills by around $6,000 per week.

Meanwhile, Buffaload reports further gains from the GPS tracking and telematics systems fitted to each of its double-deck trailers.

“We operate 82 temperature-controlled double-deckers, and for most of the time, these units will either be working on dedicated trunking and consolidation contracts or be on hire to rental customers. Either way, the on-board telematics system provides full visibility with real-time information regarding location and load temperature. This means that our customers, including rental, can geofence delivery routes and receive an alert when any trailer travels outside its prescribed territory or when a temperature threshold is breached. Naturally, these features help with vehicle utilization and provide useful information for temperature monitoring and auditing on individual journeys,” says Graham Usher, sales director.

Buffaload also fitted a number of in-cab, 3G live-streaming, forward-facing cameras from Verilocation. Integrated with the vehicle tracking system, these cameras enable Buffaload to monitor in real time the environment in which the vehicle is operating and the performance of each driver.

“This is relatively new technology, but already is paying for itself,” says Usher. “First of all, the live camera and vehicle performance data feed gives us the information we need in relation to any issues arising from accidents, loss or damage on the road. For example, when dealing with a potential FNOL (first notification of loss) situation, all of the visual and technical data connected with the incident - vehicle speed, impact force, braking, etc. is instantly transmitted to our claims handler, who with all the ‘evidence,’ is able to resolve the matter without delay. This system is expected to halve the cost of typical claims while significantly reducing accident risk into the bargain. Secondly, the video recording of each journey provides our driver trainers with an invaluable visual aid when reviewing individual driver performance.”

According to Buffaload, the combination of GPS trailer and vehicle tracking along with CANbus monitoring and in-cab cameras has not only helped to cut fleet running costs, but also improved driver safety.

“Working closely with Verilocation has enabled us to improve fleet efficiency across the board with an overall improvement in fuel consumption of over 1.5 MPG,” says Usher.

UK-based Verilocation provides telematics and fleet management solutions.