Beckhoff Automation, Savage, Minn., introduced a new industrial server product line that enables “many core machine controls.” Beckhoff industrial server

The new C6670 industrial server is a PC-based solution that’s equipped with 12, 24 or 36 processor cores with an expanded memory of 64 GB up to 2 TB.

This “many core control” means that in addition to a machine’s control functions—PLC, motion, robotics and CNC—additional functions such as advanced measurement technology, condition monitoring and visualization are all integrated into one powerful software package, TwinCAT, and executed on one PC-based controller.

With TwinCAT 3.1, it is possible to optimally utilize all available processor cores by distributing individual control tasks among them. The C6670 can also be used, for example, in complex applications such as highly articulated robotics and advanced image processing. Designed for control cabinet installation, the C6670 server incorporates two Intel Xeon processors, each with 6, 12 or 18 cores, working together on a motherboard with two Gigabit Ethernet controllers and a powerful graphics card..

Beckhoff Automation LLC