GEA Westfalia Separator Group, Northvale, N.J., presented hygienic decanter technology for the dairy industry. GEA Westfalia dairysmart

The new GEA Westfalia Separator ecoforce is equipped with sanitary, economically sustainable or effective centrifuges for a large range of processing capacities, including processed cheese, raw material for curd cheese bars and baker’s cheese.

The dairysmartconsists of the ecocream skimming separator for milk and whey in combination with an intelligent production kit for smart, flexible product processing as well as a connecting interface (GEA's new IO control system). From automatic tank standardization to milk and whey skimming to the standardization of cream, all tasks can be handled quickly, reproducibly and safely without rebuilding.

Meanwhile, the CSI 500 is a bacteria-removing separator for capacities of up to 60,000 liters per hour, equipped with a space- and energy-saving integrated direct drive. The application scope covers everything from single-stage and double-stage bacteria removal from drinking milk and special bacteria removal from cheese-making milk to the treatment of whey concentrate. The bacteria-removing separators can be equipped with the proplus module, which considerably extends the ejection interval during the production.

GEA Westfalia Separator Group