Using a knife to open cartons can cause product damage, as well as increase the risk of personal injury. That’s why Shurtape, Hickory, N.C., introduced the ShurSEAL Folded Edge TechShurSEAL solution with folded-edge technology, which eliminates the need to open cartons with a knife.

This carton sealing system combines Shurtape HP Series packaging tape with a PrimeLoc tape applicator to minimize the damage and danger associated with knife cuts. How it works is it folds the edges of the tape along the length of the carton, creating a secure, easy-to-open carton seal that allows the tape to be grasped and removed by hand, reducing the risk of product damage and work injury along the supply chain.

It also increases the strength of the tape edge to keep the seal intact, particularly at its most vulnerable failure point—the major flaps where the tape folds over the edge of the carton—to reduce the risk of the tape being nicked and broken.