Americold, Atlanta, launched what is said to be the next generation in temperature-controlled supply chain visibility.

The i-3PL offers a portal view to track inventory throughout the more than 145 Americold facilities across the United States. Customers can view and manage their inventory, check the status of shipments, enter and update orders, place orders on hold, run reports and manage alerts.

All data is available through EDI integration, making the information resident within a customer’s ERP system, but also available instantaneously through Americold’s online portal and on any web-enabled smart device. As customers increasingly adopt management-by-exception, the i-3PL solution will proactively notify them should an order fall out of tolerance.

The original i-3PL product was launched in 1999. Since then, it has grown to over 30,000 monthly user logins, generating more than 100,000 monthly customized reports that track 3.5 billion cases annually.