Graco, Minneapolis, announced the InvisiPac Tank-Free Hot Melt Delivery System, ideal for boosting factory production in packaging industry applications.

With no tank char, no nozzle plugging and warm up times of less than 10 minutes, the InvisiPac system incorporates an integrated vacuum feed, state-of-the-art tank-free melter, superior heated hoses, an innovative applicator and next-generation process control technology that provides easy, remote system analytics.

At the heart of the innovative technology is the tank-free design, which reduces the amount of time adhesive spends at high temperatures, ultimately reducing char and degradation. Less char, combined with Graco’s no-plug solution, means adhesive beads can be right-sized, resulting in less material waste and improved quality assurance.

InvisiPac automatically pulls adhesive from a drum or bulk container based on the application’s real-time demand. Equipped with an ultrasonic sensor, the vacuum feed system continuously maintains optimum adhesive levels, keeps out paper dust and debris and improves operator safety by minimizing burn hazards and operator strain. Adhesive is both supplied and melted on demand.

An intuitive user interface tracks adhesive consumption and features graphics and text with a single screen view of all heat zone temperatures, straightforward troubleshooting and USB-downloadable operating data, errors and event history.