Wynright Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of Daifuku Webb, Farmington Hills, Mich., introduced the Green Line conveyor system, an energy-efficient platform comprised of multiple families of conveyors, including AutoRoll+, Belt Conveyor, Live Roller and V-Belt conveyor. Collectively, these conveyors are said to reduce noise, energy consumption and pinch points by as much as 30%, depending on product load.

The AutoRoll+ component utilizes motor-driven roller technology in an on-demand format to power up only when a package is sensed in the preceding zone on the conveyor. Photoeyes detect when cartons are present and need to be transported. The zones stop automatically once all product clears the photoeye. Since the motors are inside the rollers, external motors, chains and sprockets are eliminated, introducing a new level of safety to environments where personnel are often present.

The Green Line conveyor system can be used in any distribution center or warehouse.

Wynright Corp.